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Journey with Utah Foster Care

By August 28, 2018August 29th, 2018Donor-focused, General

What is a Journey with Utah Foster Care event (and how may I help)?

A Journey is a one-hour educational program and tour held by staff and foster parents to introduce our friends and neighbors to the mission of Utah Foster Care. We started them because we recognized a need to educate the community about our important mission. Since 1999 we’ve have had a unique approach to serving Utah’s children in foster care. And our goal with these events is to change the way people feel about supporting children in foster care—children in foster care have been neglected and abused and it isn’t ever their fault.

“Being a Community Outreach Volunteer was fun and really meaningful for me. I invited my family, friends, and business associates to the one-hour ‘Journey’. It’s very inspiring to hear the stories from staff and foster parents in this personal introduction to the mission.”

—Kathy Carter, Utah Foster Care Board Member

Our biggest volunteer need is in helping us share the Utah Foster Care story through the one-hour Journey events. Community Outreach Volunteers extend invitations to friends, family, co-workers, church, or other community groups and help us build community awareness. They work with staff to invite their community to bring 10 – 20 people together for the one-hour event at our office or a location of your choice (home, office, community gathering place). You will not be asked for a financial contribution but staff will contact you to ask for your advice and feedback and to answer any additional questions.

For more information and to schedule your Journey please contact Kelly Engleman at (801) 783-4004 or