First, a word about Reunification…

The primary goal of foster care is to provide a nurturing home for children until it is safe for them to return to their families. When it is safe to do so, returning home is best for the children. Some  families, however, are unable to resolve their problems and reunification isn’t possible. When this happens, the State is responsible for finding these children a new and permanent home—often, this is done through adoption.


This is the process by which families begin as foster parents who can work towards reunifying families, but may end up eventually adopting a child they are caring for. Families choose this route to adoption because:

  • They are interested in younger children
  • Are seeking a faster route to having a child in your home
  • Are willing and able to foster a few children before finally adopting

There are no guarantees and the welfare of the child always takes priority, but this has been a successful path to adoption for countless Utah families. For families who would like to adopt without doing foster care, adopting a waiting child may be a better option.

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