Every Little Bit Makes a Difference

Private donors contribute to this fund, allowing children in foster care to participate in common childhood activities, or purchase needed items not covered under state funding. If special needs funds through DCFS have been used or are not available, you, your caseworker, or the RFC may request up to $300 per child annually through the form below.

What Funds are Used For

Among other things, Wishing Well funds may be used to provide…

  • music, dance, or karate lessons
  • vacation expenses*
  • team fees or sporting equipment
  • eye contacts, school rings, yearbooks, or formal wear for prom

* Vacation requests are subject to limitations.

Fill out a separate application per child.

Wishing Well Application

Please take a moment to carefully complete the form below — our ability to fulfill your child's wish depends on it. Fill out one application per child.
  • About You … 

  • About the Child … 

    If you have requests for more than one child, fill out ONE FORM per child. Funds are awarded on a per-child basis!
  • Which county does the foster parent live in with the child?
  • About the Wish … 

  • Be as specific as possible — include sizes, where appropriate.
  • About the Check …

  • Payout, if any, may or may not be for this amount.