Utah Foster Care (UFC) is a nationally recognized nonprofit which finds, trains, and supports Utah families, who are willing and able to provide a nurturing home for children in foster care. In Utah, more than 2,600 children are in foster care at any given time because their own families are in crisis. Substance abuse is often a factor in cases where children are removed from their biological homes.

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History & Mission

Born to Serve

Utah Foster Care (UFC) is a private 501(c)(3) (our W-9 Form) created by the Utah legislature and Governor Mike Leavitt in 1999. Our mission is to develop innovative strategies to help recruit, train, and retain foster families. UFC fulfills this mission through a contract with the Utah’s Division of Child & Family Services (DCFS).

When the Legislature and Governor Mike Leavitt created UFC, they envisioned a state where children who must spend time in out-of-home care are offered safe, loving, and stable homes until they can be reunited with their families or placed in a permanent adoptive home. Utah Foster Care has recruited and trained more than 12,000 families since its inception.

Board of Directors