Pre-service Training

Orienting Families toward Success

In Utah, each prospective foster/adoptive family is required to participate in standardized training before becoming a licensed foster parent. These 32 hours of preparation are called “pre-service training” and can take as little as a month to complete. This training is required for licensing.

Classroom Training

The Original Interactive Learning Space


Each in-class session provides unique insights into the foster family experience, situations you may encounter, solutions to typical problems, and many other topics important for those preparing to foster or adopt thru foster care.

Utah Foster Care (UFC) trainers conduct these classes throughout the state each month and make the schedules available to prospective families who have registered for classes. If you have not yet registered, please call us for details: (877) 505-5437

Classes cover the following topics:

  • Orientation/Team Building
  • Child Development
  • Trauma & Its Effects/Sexual Abuse
  • Minimizing the Trauma of Placement
  • Understanding Primary Families
  • Managing Emotions & Behaviors/The Effects of Caregiving
  • Long-term Separation/Adoption Issues for Families
  • Transcending Difference in Placements
Online Video Training

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