Who are the kids in foster care?

Children in foster care come from all backgrounds—most share a background of abuse or neglect. They can be newborns, toddlers, or teenagers. They come from every part of the state and every race, religion, and socio-economic group. In too many instances, their parents have unresolved substance abuse issues.

In Utah, we urgently need foster families to care for:

Trauma from their past influences the behavior of children in foster care. They’ve learned habits that helped keep them safe—habits which can negatively impact how they relate to the world around them. As a foster family, you can offer a safe home and a chance to replace old habits with new ones. We offer training to help you understand the trauma they’ve experienced and to effectively care for them.


Our First Friends

When a child comes into foster care, they likely will have a brother or sister—sometimes more than one. Foster parents are invited to consider caring for sibling groups to avoid further traumatizing vulnerable children.

Imagine being removed from your parents—only to “lose” your siblings, too. In rural settings, breaking up sibling groups often has huge consequences—with children spread too far to maintain meaningful relationships.


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