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An essential partnership

Community partners are essential in helping Utah Foster Care accomplish their mission. By becoming a community partner you join other community leaders, companies, and organizations who also value providing the happy, healthy childhoods all children deserve.

The BOSS Bus

We are looking for organizations who would like to participate in our initiative to foster Belonging, Opportunity, Success, and Support (B.O.S.S.) for youth in foster care.  This could include things like hosting a youth field trip to your business and presenting career opportunities in your field, hosting or organizing events that bring youth together, etc.

Community partners willing to foster futures by expanding visions, providing opportunities, developing interests and passions, and showing support.

Due to generational cycles of addiction, abuse and neglect, youth experiencing foster care often lack positive role models. Your support fosters hope for the future and paves the way for youth to become the boss of their life.

Welcome vulnerable youth into your business to share job insight, tips on work/life balance & self care, create memories, and show how you build community & connection.

Donations and Volunteers

Your support through time and/or money will help foster hope for the future. Consider donating to support the BOSS Bus mission or contacting Nikki Mackay to find out how your company can get involved.


Contact Crystal Ashton at (385)388-8204 or

Last year Utah had more than 4500 youth impacted by foster care.
There are 1400 licensed Utah Foster Families.

Less than 3% of youth in foster care graduate from college.
Only 50% of youth in foster care will graduate from high school.
High school drop out rates are 3x higher for foster youth than other low-income children.
Nearly 13% of youth in foster care experience the hazard of imprisonment.


Thank you for being a Foster BOSS!

Partners like you foster hope, community and connection!

Donations to the BOSS Bus help fund transportation, food, materials needed, etc.

Sponsor an Event

Events are crucial to raising awareness for foster care and the need for foster parents in the state of Utah.

If you’d like to sponsor a Utah Foster Care event, big or small, please contact Crystal Ashton at

Host a Lunch and Learn

Invite a member of our team to your place of business to share Utah Foster Care’s important mission with your employees and community.
To host a gathering, contact Dan Webster (e-mail).

Host Kids Night Out (Currently only available in the Salt Lake area)

  • Duties: One Friday evening each month, foster parents can drop their kids off from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Volunteers play games, watch movies, organize crafts or other activities, and eat pizza with the kids while our foster parents enjoy some much deserved free time!
  • Time: 3.5 Hours

Corporate Volunteers

Harness the power of your organization’s team spirit to build the foster care village. Have something in mind? Many companies have organized activities like collection drives, event support, or even created an event of their own. Email our volunteer coordinator Melina Moore (e-mail) to share your ideas or brainstorm new ones!

Thank you to our Community Partners!

If you would like to become one of our community partners, please contact Crystal Ashton at