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How & Why

While roughly 50% of children in foster care will reunite with their biological families, there will always be a need for families to adopt children from foster care. Currently, there are over 150 children waiting to be adopted in Utah.  These children deserve the same love and support a family can offer.

There are two potential ways to adopt thru foster care: the first is foster-to-adopt; the second is adopt a waiting child.

Reasons to consider opening your home to adoption from foster care:

  • Adopting  from foster care reduces the burden on the foster care system, freeing up resources to assist other vulnerable children.
  • Promotes diversity and inclusion in your family by expanding your worldview and deepening your empathy and compassion.
  • Helps children heal from trauma and develop into confident, well-adjusted individuals: a future that every child deserves.
  • Offers the opportunity to provide belonging and security.
  • Challenges our own limitations and biases, encouraging us to evolve and become more open-minded and build resilience.

Adopting through foster care brings numerous rewards and family growth.  It’s an opportunity to transform lives, give back to the community, foster hope and healing, and offer support to children in need while enriching your own life. It’s a chance to make a profound difference and celebrate the diversity of the human experience.

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