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Utah Foster Care holds a number of events exclusively for foster families each year to show our appreciation for their commitment to children. The largest of these events is at Cowabunga Bay water park in August.

We’ve realized that this event shows more than just appreciation. It shows the children in foster care of all ages that they’re not alone.

“My favorite part of the Cowabunga Bay event is that for three hours, we’re all normal,” says foster parent Jackie Askvig.

“There are no foster or adopted or bio kids- they’re just all kids, playing with their families, some who look alike and some who are all different. You’re never the odd one out because there’s a family sitting next to you who’s different too.”

“The kids are happy and have forgotten about real life for a while, or they’re having a meltdown because real life doesn’t pause, but no one judges because they’ve all been right there too.”

“Thank you, Utah Foster Care and Cowabunga Bay for a wonderful event and treating your foster families like the royalty they truly are, even if it’s just for one night.”

Another foster parent from Utah County says his family was making memories before their kids in foster care left to go live with their grandparents in another state.

Still other foster parents acknowledged that private donations help make special events like this possible.

“Our family had a blast,” says Janet McLain. “Thank you for your kindness! We appreciate everything you do for foster families.”