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Foster Hope and Connection This Holiday Season

Children come into foster care with trauma from the abuse and neglect they’ve experienced. In Utah, more than 2,100 children are in foster care at any given time because their own families are in crisis. Your donation to Utah Foster Care this holiday season helps Utah children in foster care have the resources to find connection like Ibe (video below).

Help us ensure Utah children in foster care don’t face the future alone.

The Gerlach Family shares a heartfelt story of how your support has made a difference in their lives as they fostered and adopted children through foster care. Their adopted son, Ibe Gerlach, was able to play basketball because of Utah Foster Care’s donor-funded Wishing Well Funds.  Ibe’s passion for basketball helped him find connections in his family and in Utah.

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Team sports are expensive, as every parent knows. UFC’s Wishing Well Fund is entirely funded by donations from community individuals and businesses. Our son learned hard work, dedication, and consistency as he attended team practice and conditioning. Working with the other players formed bonds that have carried into adulthood, and have helped heal trauma he'd experienced.

JennieUtah Foster and Adoptive Mom

Our little boy was worried about going home. I asked why he was feeling worried, and he told me he was excited to return to his parents but he didn't want to leave the clothes and especially the warm coat he had received while in care. I told him he would take all his clothes with him and he was so excited he cried.

Lori SumnerUtah Foster Parent

THANK YOU to our community partners!

Your investment changes lives.