Opioids & Foster Care

By August 29, 2018September 25th, 2018General

It’s a national trend that is right here in our backyards in Utah. Opioid addiction by adults is having a tremendous impact on children coming into foster care in all parts of the state.

“The opioid epidemic is pushing more children into foster care.”

— The Brookings Institution, Jan 2018

Local and state child welfare systems are on the front lines, helping families feeling the impact of this devastating epidemic. But what can you do to help the children?

“If a parent is dealing with a heroin addiction, they aren’t helping their kids with their homework, or even caring about putting food on the table,” says Dan Webster, Lead Foster-Adoptive Consultant for Utah Foster Care. “If this goes on, children have to learn how to fend for themselves.”

“As a foster parent, you can help these kids be kids again. You can help them understand that it’s not their fault that mom or dad became addicted to drugs. And you can help them see that they deserve to expect regular meals, have someone help them with school, and to tuck them into bed at night without fear of abuse.”

You can do your part to help the unseen victims of the opioid epidemic – the children – by sharing your heart and home. Want to know more? Call us at 877-505-5437 to speak to one of our foster-adoptive consultants. Whether you live along the Wasatch Front, Uintah Basin, or Southern Utah, we have offices throughout Utah!

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