How & Why

The primary goal of foster care is to provide a nurturing home for children until it is safe for them to return to their biological families. When it is safe to do so, returning home is best for the children. Some biological families, however, are unable to resolve their problems and reunification isn’t possible. When this happens, the State is responsible to find these children a new and permanent home—often, this is done through adoption.

Adopting thru foster care has many benefits. There are two ways to adopt children from foster care: the first is foster-to-adopt; the second is adopt a waiting child.


Regardless of the path you take, adopting thru foster care is an attractive option for those seeking to grow their families:

  • avoids the astronomical fees associated with private adoption
  • free preparatory training to help you navigate the inevitable bumps along the way
  • Medicaid support for each child, with other subsidies available on an as-needed basis
  • comprehensive post-adoptive support
  • free on-going peer support

Adopt a Waiting Child

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