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Fostering Siblings

By September 24, 2018September 25th, 2018General, Parent-focused

One of the things we tell families interested in fostering is that when a child comes into foster care, they likely will have a brother or sister. In Utah, chances are they will have numerous brothers and sisters.

During Utah Foster Care’s initial meetings with prospective foster parents, we tell them there is a great need for families willing to take in larger sibling groups.

“It is becoming increasingly common to see larger sibling groups coming into foster care in Utah,” says Dan Webster, who heads foster family recruitment efforts in the Salt Lake Valley.

“Splitting up brothers and sisters and placing them in different foster families can really take a toll on children,” Webster continues. “If they are in a foster home together, they adjust much better to a new environment.”

We encourage families to consider fostering brothers and sisters so they can stay together and continue to support each other. To get your questions answered about sibling groups and other issues, fill out the form below.

“Brothers and sisters. You fight, argue, and tease. Yet, you call, protect, learn from each other, and celebrate being best friends. Sibling relationships are often taken for granted. Yet, most often, it’s your longest relationship in life.”

– Fostering Families Today

July/August 2015

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