A shy and awkward 15-year-old, Blake did not know how to ride a bike. He grew up around drugs, had been in and out of homeless shelters, and experienced all types of abuse. His only hobby was listening to music, which made it hard for him to know how to introduce himself to others or […]

Want to Adopt a Child?  Utah Foster Care (UFC) invites your family to learn more about adopting through foster care at events marking November as National Adoption Month. If you have questions about your qualifications or the process, these events are for you! Each year, more than 600 children are adopted from foster care in […]

Dealing with tantrums, or sudden/severe behaviors at any age can be one of the more frustrating aspects about parenting. Often, we find ourselves engaged in this tug of war, a battle of the wills. However, here is the interesting thing about this game of tug of war. If we simply drop the rope, we are […]

Did you know that only half of the foster families in Salt Lake and Tooele counties can document their immunization status? This means that Utah’s Division of Child & Family Services (DCFS) is having a tough time placing younger and unimmunized children into otherwise available homes. The Utah Department of Health (UDoH) encourages all foster parents and any […]

In January, after thirteen months in care, Liz and Derik Howcroft adopted their daughter Katlyn. Adopting from foster care isn’t unusual. In fact, from July 1, 2015-June 30, 2016, 416 Utah children were adopted by non-relatives. But Katlyn’s adoption was unusual because she had recently turned eighteen. Sadly, last year, in our state, 8% of […]

Draper residents Rob and Kim Gerlach began their journey as foster parents when they were asked to care for a baby girl through a distant relative. After learning that the greatest need is for families to foster teens, they became foster parents to several teenage boys (going from diapers to dating!). When asked about their […]

We are pleased to introduce you to Heidi Naylor, Utah Foster Care’s new Foster Parent Retention Services Specialist in Western Region. Heidi is known for her enthusiasm and will be a valuable resource to foster families in Utah County and surrounding areas. We asked Heidi to tell us a little bit about herself.  I am […]

Article courtesy of the Family Support Center of Ogden “The capacity to grieve is just as much a part of us as the capacity to love”  – author unknown You and your family have spent days and nights helping this child become a part of your family. Some of these days and nights have been […]

Prospective foster parents often wonder how they are going to handle the ups and downs of fostering. What if the children exhibit challenging behavior? What types of discipline are acceptable? And what are some ways to cope with the stress of caring for children who have been abused or neglected? Every hard moment has lead […]

As excerpted from Iron County Today 5.18.17 –by Holly Linford  In light of May being Foster Care Awareness Month, Cedar City resident, Jen Daughtery has been nominated as Foster Mother of the Year by the Utah Division of Child and Family Services. Amy Bates, a Foster-Adoptive Consultant in the Southwest Region for Utah Foster Care, said […]