There is not a need for volunteers for this year’s Virtual Chalk Art Festival, as it is online. You can instead tune in to social media and help spread the word by engaging via #utahchalkartfestival and @utahfostercare. See you there!

Please STAY TUNED for next year!

Be a Part of the Magic

Utah Foster Care’s annual Chalk Art Festival would not be possible without a team of energetic volunteers. We welcome corporate volunteers, as well as individuals who want to show their support for Utah’s foster families.

We count on our volunteers to lay out art squares, staff our information booths, provide tender loving care to our chalk artists and even experience the performance art of big bubbles!

If you have a large group wanting to volunteer, contact Katie Rothe. Individual volunteer registration starts in May. 

Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions:

Where should I park? Where do I go?

Volunteer check-in is at the Utah Foster Care hospitality room, in a store front on the East side of Rio Grande, just south of 100 South (former Abercrombie & Fitch store), as marked on the map below.  Please note the parking structures where we can provide validations; you can pick up a parking validation back in the hospitality room when your shift is over.  Plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early, so our volunteer coordinators can orient you to the what’s and where’s of the festival and get you to your assigned place.

What do I wear?

Dress for the weather, it could be a little cool in the morning but will likely be warm during the day.  The festival is entirely outdoors, so you might want a hat and sunscreen.  We will also have sunscreen available in the hospitality room.  Also, you will probably be on your feet quite a bit, so wear comfortable shoes.

Will volunteers be fed?

We will have food and snacks in the hospitality room, along with a variety of drinks to keep you hydrated.  We just ask that you be mindful that as a non-profit we have limited resources.  We certainly don’t want you to go hungry or thirsty, but we won’t be able to feed your family and friends too.

What can I expect to be doing?

Based on what you signed up for, you’ll be helping with one of the following:

  • Information Booth:  We will have staff and/or foster parents at each booth to answer questions about foster care.  Volunteers will be handing out prizes from the activity at the table, encouraging attendees to find out more about children in foster care and how they can help.
  • Kid’s Korner:  At the Kid’s Korner, children can try their hand at creating their own artwork.  Volunteers will distribute and collect chalk, supervise the children to make sure they aren’t chalking where they shouldn’t or creating…um…inappropriate artwork, supervising other activities, helping with the activity at the table, and encouraging families to speak with one of our staff or foster parents to find out more about how they can help.
  • Artist Support/Chalk Swap: Chalk Swap tables are where artists can get more supplies, fill a water bottle, or drop off supplies that they no longer need but another artist might.

In addition to helping at your assigned shifts, talk to those who have come to see the artwork, remind them that this is being done to bring awareness to the needs of children in foster care, and ask them to consider how they might help.  And for many children in foster care, the biggest need might just be the right family to care for them!

What if people ask you questions about foster care or details about the festival which you don’t know? Keep reading!!

The Chalk Art Festival is sponsored by Utah Foster Care to bring attention to the 2700 children in foster care in Utah who need a safe and caring place to stay.  It is also to honor the roughly 1450 foster parents in Utah who need the support of the community to continue this great work they are doing.

Perhaps not everyone can be a foster parent.  But there is something everyone can do to help support children in foster care and the families that care for them.

How do I vote for my favorite artist?

Attendees can vote for the People’s Choice award in both the Adult and Youth categories.  Voting is done by text – beginning on Saturday – there will be signs throughout the festival and at the information tables on Saturday explaining how to vote.

How long will the artwork last?

Rio Grande Street will remain closed through Sunday.  Sunday night the artwork is cleaned off in preparation for the street opening to traffic Monday.

Where are the restrooms? Drinking fountains?

This is a question you are sure to hear – so you’ll want to take a look around when you get to your assigned area and familiarize yourself with the nearest facilities.

I’m an artist and I need supplies/water/food!

Artists can get supplies and re-fill a water bottle at one of the chalk swap tables (marked by an umbrella) or in the Hospitality room.  They can also get supplies or a drink from one of the roving golf carts. There are no meals provided for artists on Friday.  There will be light breakfast food available at the hospitality room Saturday morning.  Artists should have received a coupon for Saturday’s lunch when they check in at the hospitality room. Please direct artists to the hospitality room if there are any additional questions.

Thank you again for your willingness to join us as we recognize 5 foster dads of the year from across the state of Utah and let people know how they can support children in foster care.  It is the help of volunteers like you that make this event such a success!

A box set of artist’s chalks.

Photo by Alex Gallivan.