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Utah Foster Care Chalk Art Festival 2024 - Thankgiving Point

Be A Part of the Magic!

Our Annual Chalk Art Festival would not be possible without a team of volunteers. We welcome corporate volunteers, as well as individuals who want to show their support for Utah’s foster families.

  • It will be HOT. We recommend wearing loose, breathable clothing, a hat, sunglasses, and definitely sunscreen.  We will also have sunscreen available if you need to reapply.
  • Speaking of hot, make sure you bring a refillable water bottle.  We will provide water stations to fill up as needed.
  • Depending our your assignment, you may be standing for long periods.  Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Past volunteers also recommend a cooling towel or neckerchief to help beat the heat.
  • We will provide plenty of snacks and cold drinks throughout your shift.  Keep in mind that these refreshments are only for registered volunteers. Please do not share with family and friends.

Information booth:

We will have staff and/or foster parents at each booth to answer questions about foster care.  Volunteers will be handing out prizes from the activity at the table, encouraging attendees to find out more about children in foster care and how they can help.

Kid’s Korner:

At the Kid’s Korner, children can try their hand at creating their own artwork.  Volunteers will distribute and collect chalk, supervise the children to make sure they aren’t chalking where they shouldn’t or creating…um…inappropriate artwork, supervising other activities, helping with the activity at the table, and encouraging families to speak with one of our staff or foster parents to find out more about how they can help.

Artist Check-in/Hospitality: Check in artists, distribute lanyards, chalk, and t-shirt. Help artists can get more supplies, fill a water bottle, or drop off supplies that they no longer need but another artist might.

Site Support:

Filling coolers, emptying garbage, running errands, and other random tasks as needed.

Stage Hands:

Assist staff with setting up the sound and stage systems.


Welcome artists and guests to festival and give them directions.


Set up tents, place barriers, organize supplies at tents, place signage.


Take tents down, pack supplies, return area to normal.