June 15-17th, 2018

Because of opioid addiction, the number of children in foster care is growing. Those children need our support more than ever. Come out and show your support at Utah Foster Care’s annual Chalk Art Festival at The Gateway, held every Fathers Day weekend.

This free community art event turns Rio Grande Street into a gallery of vibrant street murals. This year, we’re offering a Kids Korner packed with new activities, including our “The Foster Parent is In” booth and lots of art projects for the kids. Check out our calendar on this page for a schedule of events.

Julie Kirk-Purcell will join us as a featured artist, headlining a gallery of talented local artists.

Check out last year’s winning artwork on our Facebook page. You can sign up for early notification of artist registration starting today!

Meet the Artist: Julie Kirk Purcell

Julie Kirk-Purcell is a street painter specializing in creative and original 3D work for various clients around the world.

Julie began her street painting career at a small, local festival in southern California. What began as a “bit of fun” has developed into a full-time passion involving hundreds of paintings in places as exotic as Hong Kong, Thailand, the Middle East and Europe, as well as numerous corporate clients at home in the United States. Companies such as Disney, Universal Studios, the Howard Hughes Corporation, Bloomberg LLP, and the Chrysler Corporation have asked her to create her one of a kind 3D paintings.

Artist Julie Kirk Purcell's 3D mural at the 2017 Utah Foster Care Chalk Art Festival.

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