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A Trusted Voice

Utah Foster Care (UFC) has a wealth of expertise on issues surrounding foster care and child welfare. UFC’s Communications Director, Deborah Lindner, can coordinate interviews with foster families and child welfare professionals. We have offices across the state, with staff members available for interviews.

Under deadline?

Call Deborah Lindner at (801) 231-9950.

Staff portrait of Deborah Lindner.

Want to interview a foster parent?

We have foster families available for interviews across the state. Because of confidentiality concerns, only children who have been adopted from foster care can be photographed and only with their parents’ permission. It may take 24–48 hours to set up family interviews. We do our best to accommodate deadlines.

Find answers to many of your questions about foster care, as well as high-resolution Utah Foster Care logos, at the links below…

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Fact Sheets