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Blake’s Story

By November 20, 2017November 28th, 2017Donor-focused, Parent-focused, Portraits

A shy and awkward 15-year-old, Blake did not know how to ride a bike.

He grew up around drugs, had been in and out of homeless shelters, and experienced all types of abuse. His only hobby was listening to music, which made it hard for him to know how to introduce himself to others or make friends.

“Blake came to our home just two weeks before school started,” says Jenny, a foster parent in Salt Lake City. “We thought a bike would help him get to school, independently, and he could also join us for family bike rides. We had just purchased all new things to get his room ready—a mattress, bedding, everything a teenager needs,  and didn’t have money to buy a bike.”

“We applied for Wishing Well Funds and were able to get him a great mountain bike! He quickly picked up bike-riding skills and was on his way- riding to school, a part-time job, physical therapy, and just for fun. It’s also one of the few possessions that truly belongs to him.”

“When he meets new people, now he can talk about mountain biking and other normal teenager stuff. We are proud to be his foster parents and so glad to help him experience normal childhood activities.”

There are more examples of the impact of this donor-supported fund. The girl who cried with joy when she received a book of her own to keep… the teenage boy who became an excellent swimmer and it turned his life around… kids that had never had fresh vegetables from the garden… and a 10-year-old boy who learned that it’s normal to wear clean underwear every day.

Wishing Well Funds are limited for foster families, dependent on each year’s donations.  Help us boost the fund for 2018 by donating here.