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Renew My License

Don’t wait until the last minute to attend in-service classes to renew your license!

As a foster parent, you are required to renew your license before it expires. It’s essential to keep your license up-to-date. A lapsed license could lead to a disruption for the children in foster care in your home.

The State Office of Licensing (OL) will send you a renewal packet 30–60 days before your license expires. The documents in this packet need to be filled out and sent back to OL within the time frame stated in the packet.


  • 12 hours of in-service training for the primary caregiver and 4 hours for the secondary caregiver. Mail your completed training log (PDF) to our region’s UFC trainer. Terri Rowley, 801-373-3006
  • Fill out a new background screening application (PDF) and mail to OL.
  • Fill out other paperwork in the packet and mail to OL.

After OL receives all of your completed renewal paperwork, a licensor will call you to set up an appointment to do a re-check of your home. Once that is done, an updated license will be granted and mailed to you.

A Reminder

We highly recommend getting in-service hours throughout the year BEFORE your license expires. Not only will you receive helpful and supportive information during your parenting experience, you won’t need to panic during the last month trying to find suitable trainings to meet the required renewal hours!

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