So Many Ways to Support Utah's Children

Hold a Child in Your Heart

Every year, more than 2,600 children and teens in Utah are removed from harm, but this is a difficult and stressful experience for a child. They are victims of abuse, neglected by their parents, and fearful of what tomorrow might bring. Unfortunately, some spend months in foster care. About 30% of children in foster care have severe emotional, behavioral, or developmental problems to overcome.

Utah Foster Care (UFC) does a lot, but with your help we can do much more.

“Foster Parents are the arms that hold and comfort the babies who cry into the night because everything familiar to them is gone, through no fault of their own.” — Kelly Peterson, CEO

Support the programs that change children’s lives. Give a child the chance to learn a new skill, join a sports team, and feel good about who they are. Critical funds for these programs are provided by caring community supporters that make it possible to change lives one at a time.

With your talents, your time, and your gifts, you hold a child in your heart where your love will strengthen a vulnerable child in need.

Donate generously to support the mission of the Foundation.

Children deserve to be safe, with enough to eat, in a warm bed; without abuse, neglect, or fear. But meeting the needs of children is not cheap. Help build family success stories one child at a time. Hold a child in your heart by making your donation today.

Invite us to present to your business or community group.

We want to hear your story and share ours. Schedule an informational meeting with your staff, get a staff group involved in a special project (Chalk Art Festival, Giving Tree, or Annual Symposium) or just hear more about parenting resources and good parenting. Contact us for more information and to schedule a visit.

Volunteer at one of our offices across the state.

We have seven offices across Utah and families caring for children in counties across the state. Give us a call to discuss matching your volunteer wishes with our needs.

Consider becoming a foster parent.

You know the saying, “It takes a village”? It does take all of us to care for the children. A healthy child is the key to a successful and productive life. Do you have the desire to welcome a child in your home, and into your heart, and love them as your own? If so, call or e-mail us today.
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