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Part of Utah’s Child Welfare Team

Utah Foster Care (UFC) is a proud member of a team of state and private agencies serving the needs of children and families in crisis. Four agencies, in particular, form a powerful front in this on-going effort:

Utah Foster Care

We’re the Utah Foster Care, and we’re a private, non-profit organization that has a contract with the State of Utah. We find, train, and nurture foster families — we also train kinship and specific care givers. This whole site is about us! Learn more about becoming a foster parent.

We help find qualified families and then train them. Once they’re licensed, we support foster families through various programs and on-going educational opportunities.

Utah Office of Licensing

The Office of Licensing (OL) is a state agency under the Department of Human Services. OL licenses programs and organizations that provide a variety of services. The office also licenses foster families. OL is responsible to make sure that families meet all of the required licensing standards. As part of this process, the OL will visit the home in order to complete what’s called a “home study”.

Utah Division of Child & Family Services

The Utah Division of Child & Family Services (DCFS) is also overseen by the Utah Department of Human Services. DCFS is responsible to investigate allegations of child abuse and neglect. When it’s determined that children are to enter foster care, DCFS is responsible to place children, supervise their care, and oversee the services they receive.

Utah Foster/Adoptive Families Association (UFAFA)

Utah Foster/Adoptive Families Association (UFAFA) is an advocacy and support organization comprised of foster/adoptive families. UFAFA educates local and state officials about issues surrounding foster and adoptive care. UFAFA works with community partners to better the lives of foster and adopted children and those who care for them.

Serving Utah's Children Since 1999

In Partnership with the Utah Division of Child & Family Services