Symposium Highlight: Trauma, Attachment, & Law Enforcement

By March 18, 2011July 18th, 2017General, Parent-focused

Intervening in the lives of children and families is often challenging and heartbreaking for members of the law enforcement community; from the police officers who initially respond to families in crisis to the court personnel who must balance enforcement of the law with their inherent compassion toward the victims.

2nd Annual UFCF Symposium: Trauma & Attachment / 2011: A Closer Look will provide a unique opportunity for the legal community to understand the nature of trauma and the impact it has on our must vulnerable citizens. Intervention services can be enhanced when the impact of trauma is more clearly understood in the context of child development, placement in substitute care and the behaviors associated with it.

This is an excellent opportunity for our law enforcement and legal professionals to gain some important insight into how children’s relationships are impacted by trauma.

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Les Harris,
Eastern Region Trainer,
Utah Foster Care Foundation

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