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Superheroes in Disguise

Draper residents Rob and Kim Gerlach began their journey as foster parents when they were asked to care for a baby girl through a distant relative.

After learning that the greatest need is for families to foster teens, they became foster parents to several teenage boys (going from diapers to dating!).

When asked about their experiences, Rob says, “We worried about taking in “damaged” kids. But with every class we took through Utah Foster Care, and every interaction, we were more sure that these “damaged” children were really superheroes in disguise. And we knew more deeply that we needed them as much as they needed us.”

“We have six beautiful children, none of whom look anything like us, but, who in every way belong to us, and we belong to them. We found our children because Utah Foster Care found us – through community events, billboards, and news stories.”

Although foster parents do receive a reimbursement to help with expenses, Rob adds, “No amount of money could ever compensate the job of parenting a child, and no amount of money could ever measure the wealth these children bring to  a family.”