Utah Foster Care Gets a Fresh New Web Site

By July 18, 2017September 18th, 2017General

After nearly five years, utahfostercare.org is sporting a new look!

While our web team has always kept the web site up-to-date, it took a special effort to update the functionality of the web site to better meet the needs of modern web surfers—including the 50% of our viewers who visit using mobile devices! So Utah Foster Care partnered with the good people at Spigot Design and got to work on a brand new web site—one that was easier to navigate and one that helped people to better connect with our staff.

We’re pretty excited.

If you’re new here, we invite you to just poke around… The website is designed to make poking around easy and useful. If you’re a long-time user of the web site—because you’re a foster parent or one of our community partners—the changes should be intuitive enough that you won’t feel lost.


Our new navigation divides the site into six bite-sized sections, plus our home page:

  • Home — this is the launch pad to the rest of the site, and it’s where we highlight new information, upcoming events, and the latest news.
  • Become a Foster Parent — if you’re considering becoming a foster parent or adopting thru foster care, this is the place to start.
  • Adopt thru Foster Care — this section is a deeper dive into the process of adopting thru foster care.
  • Training for Parents — this section brings all the training materials together for prospective foster parents, current foster parents, families who are caring for kids they know, and families seeking specialty training.
  • Foster Parent Resources — this is where we’ve collected the information that current foster parents are looking for.
  • Get Involved — want to volunteer, donate, or partner? This is the place.
  • About Us — while the whole site is about us, this section focuses on a behind-the-scenes look at our organization. It’s where you’ll find our phone directory, a list of current board members, our most recent annual reports, and the like.

Search & Site Map

The site navigation is really easy to use, but if you ever want to get someone fast, our new search function and sitemap will both be really useful.

Search is up at the top of every page… and our sitemap is at the foot of every page.