Summertime “Theme Weeks”

By March 22, 2012July 18th, 2017General, Parent-focused

By Cayce Thill, Foster/Adoptive Parent

In the early part of May, our family starts deciding what we would like to do for our summertime activities. One of the children’s favorite things to do is “theme weeks” and activities to go with each theme.

Art Week is in mid-June.  Activities range from drawing pictures and sharing what we created, to attending the free art museums in our area. At the end of week, we have a family chalk art festival on the sidewalk and driveway and wrap the week up by attending UFCF’s Chalk Art Festival at the Gateway. 

Some of the theme weeks that we enjoy are:

  • ·         Animal/Bug Week
    • o   go on a bug hunt/picnic
    • o   go to the zoo
    • o   make bugs
  • ·         Patriotic Week
    • o    write a letter to a soldier
    • o   make flag shirts
    • o    go to fireworks
  • ·         Pioneer Week
    • o   go a day without electricity
    • o   make an entire meal from scratch
    • o   visit This Is the Place Heritage Park

Other suggestions:  A season pass to an attraction may be considerably less expensive than a one day ticket.  After a trip or two the pass is paid for and the rest of the season’s fun is free! 

Most libraries offer summer reading programs and give fun rewards as incentives.

Cinemark Theatres offer a summer movie program. For a small fee, you can buy tickets for the whole summer or just pick the movies your family will want to see and save a lot of money in the process.

Don’t be afraid to get dirty with your child, see the world as he or she does. They will love all that you do with them; after all it is about spending time together. 

Be creative and have fun, our children won’t stay small forever.  Enjoy the time with them while you have it. Summertime at our home has become exciting and is anticipated rather than whiney and bored. As parents, we look forward to it as much as the kids do.  Have fun and enjoy your summer!

The ideas are only limited to your families desires and imagination.  You may be surprised at what you can come up with if you try!

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