Southwest Foster Parents-Our Heroes

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There are many unsung heroes among us. We’re not referencing firefighters or police. We’re talking about foster parents who are there to wipe away the tears, and calm the fears of children who have day and night terrors brought about by monsters who are real.

Foster parents bring joy to children and teens who haven’t always had a lot of sunshine in their lives.  Foster parents are unappreciated by the society who should revere them. For that reason, the team at Utah Foster Care Foundation’s Southwest Region office want you to know we value and appreciate you.

You are all doing a tremendous job meeting the basic, every day needs of children in the foster care system. We couldn’t do this without you. Many of you go above and beyond what is expected to ensure your child has everything they need.  You’re an advocate for the child, their champion.  They won’t always know what you’ve done for them, and you may never know the impact you’ve had on their lives. Some will grow up and will be able to tell you thank you, and many will not be able to.

Thank you to all of Southwest Region’s foster families.  You are the heroes children in foster care need. 


UFCF Southwest Region Staff

Cliff, Debbie, Diane, Marissa


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