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Training to Prepare

By March 1, 2017July 21st, 2017General, Parent-focused

In Utah, each prospective foster family is required to attend classes in advance of becoming a foster parent.

These 32 hours of classes are called “pre-service training” and take a month to complete and are required for licensing. Utah Foster Care (UFC) trainers schedule these trainings throughout the state each month. You must register for classes by contacting a UFC representative in your region.

Each class provides unique insights into the process of becoming a foster family, situations you may encounter, solutions to typical problems, the emotional aspects of being a foster family, and many other topics important for those preparing to foster.

Class subjects are listed here:

  • Orientation / Team Building
  • Child Development
  • Trauma & Its Effects / Sexual Abuse
  • Minimizing the Trauma of Placement
  • Transcending Difference in Placements
  • Managing Emotions & Behaviors / The Effects of Caregiving
  • Long-term Separation / Adoption Issues for Families
  • Understanding Primary Families

In addition to these in-class courses, three online classes (webinars) which focus on Utah-specific policies and procedures are required:

  • Fostering Healthy Children
  • Office of Licensing Rule
  • Division of Child & Family Services (DCFS) Practice Guidelines

Additional classes on specific challenges are available after licensing.

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