Megan’s Dream

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AmyBates.MeganMost children are ready to answer the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

My daughter Megan answered that question without hesitation in an essay for a 6th grade class assignment. In honor of National Adoption Month I am sharing excerpts of her essay, in hopes of sparking an old dream or perhaps even igniting a new passion.

“What do I want to be when I grow up? You will find out when you read my dream. I want to be a foster parent because I love kids. I love being with others. I love to instruct.”

 “I also want to be a foster parent because kids need homes. Being a foster parent requires a lot of work. You have to be good with kids and know what to do in case of emergencies. You also have to know how to provide food. You need to be a good teacher. You need to teach kids to do the right. You need to teach to not steal or lie. If you do this, they will grow up to be great kids.”

 “Next, you can go to college to learn more about kids and what they need. That is what you have to do to become a good foster parent.”

 “I am working on being a foster parent because it is my dream. I want to be a foster parent because my mom encouraged me. If my mom did not adopt me, I might still be in foster care. My birth brothers might have been, too. Eight people in my family might still be in foster care if it wasn’t for my mom.”

 “I want to have a house, towering over the ground, flowing with children. I want all children to grow powerful and smart. Some children can’t do that because they do not have a home. I want every child to be able to do that. This is why I want to be a foster parent.”  

 What more can be said? From the mouth of one who truly understands the longing some children have for the simplicity and joy a family can offer.

With her sweet declaration of intention, she validates the need our community has for more adoptive and foster parents. She does it using the most basic reasoning there can be; all children need a family.

As we pause to honor those who have adopted, are adopted or made an adoption plan for their child this month, let us never forget we all have plans and goals for the future.

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(Amy Bates is a foster/adoptive mom who consults with prospective foster/adoptive families for Utah Foster Care in Cedar City, Utah)