Unconditional Love

By July 15, 2017May 18th, 2018General, Portraits

Pleasant Grove residents Nate Ingles and his wife Maren have been foster parents since 2015. The Ingles family took in a newborn girl who was ultimately diagnosed with liver cancer shortly after placement.

Nate committed his time and energy to care for the child, even taking extended time to work from home to meet her needs. Nate was at appointments, her first surgery and held her during her first chemotherapy treatment. Nate spent countless nights comforting her and cleaning up the messes from the effects of chemotherapy. When Nate was not at work, he was at the hospital caring for her. When discharged, he was involved in all of her aftercare.

Nate worked closely with her biological parents to inspire them to regain custody of their child while educating them in her medical care. When the biological parents relinquished their rights, they recognized Nate’s morals and loving nature. They said if they could not raise their daughter, they would not pick anyone other than Nate. Nate’s dedication, patience and unconditional love and commitment to his daughter have given them an unbreakable bond.

Congratulations to Nate, for being selected the Western Region Foster Dad of the Year for 2017.