A Consistent Advocate

By July 15, 2017May 18th, 2018General, Portraits

Congratulations to our Western Region Foster Mom of the Year Jessica Longmore! Jessica and her husband David have been foster parents since 2014. Jessica is a Registered Nurse with four biological children, who are all homeschooled. Jessica effectively juggles sporting events, therapy, doctor appointments, school activities, and more while she teaches piano and music that she incorporates into her home atmosphere. All of this, while managing to attend to the emotional, psychological, and physical needs of her nine kids, including 5 children in foster care. One of her daughters was born with a life-threatening heart condition and will eventually require a heart transplant.

Jessica is known for doing fun projects and activities with her children who love her hugs, the fun trips she takes them on and her cooking. Jessica strives to understand the difficulties children in foster care experience by finding new ideas and resources to meet their individual needs. She is very gentle, kind, loving encouraging and nurturing, Jessica is consistent and a strong advocate for her children and others when needed.

Her Resource Family Consultant (RFC) Says, “She truly is amazing to work with and more importantly, has made a lasting impact and difference on the children she has cared for.”

Husband David writes: “Her kindness and compassion bless the lives of all those who know her. Each day as I am around Jessica, I become a better person because of her example.”

Her motto is “Love life and live it to its fullest” and she includes everyone in all of her exciting adventures.