KSL Sunday Edition: Teens in Foster Care

By April 4, 2010July 18th, 2017Donor-focused, General, Portraits

April 4, 2010

SALT LAKE CITY – Richard Piatt talks about the issues teens in foster care face and what can be done to help with Utah Foster Care Foundation CEO Kelly Peterson and a former foster child Jode Littlepage, who now heads the transition to adulthood program.

Segment 2: Teens in Foster Care

The recent economic downturn has made it harder to find families for children in foster care, but for teens in the system finding families is always difficult.

“There is that stigma out there, but most of the kids that are in care, that are teenagers, are in care is because of parental abuse or neglect. They are not in care because of delinquency or for being ungovernable,” explains Peterson. “They are in care because they need a family just like their little brothers and sisters do.”

Littlepage, an alumnus of the foster care system wants people to know, “We are just normal kids that just need a good strong support system.”

The Utah Foster Care Foundation is always looking for families to help but are especially looking for people who are good with teens. Even if you cannot become a foster parent, there are many ways to help. For example, business can offer internships for teens in foster care or you can donate to the Wishing Well.

Donations to the Wishing Well go to foster children for everything from special education services, vision and dental care to camps, prom dresses and senior class photos.