Play Dress-up with Our Logo for Prizes

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If you know Utah Foster Care Foundation, then you know we want YOU to be involved in everything we do, every step of the way!

If you’re a fan of our FaceBook page, then you know we go to great lengths to keep it fun and interesting, while always providing you with the best information and resources available. And now, we want you to be more involved!

DOWNLOAD OUR LOGO BELOW and use your favorite computer program (eg: Paint, Illustrator, PhotoShop, etc.) to dress it up for your favorite holiday. Alternatively, you can always print out a copy of the logo, draw directly on it and then submit a scan or a photograph.

You can pick ANY holiday you want, even if it isn’t well known. And if you’re not into holidays, why not dress it up for a particular season or a sporting event? We know you all love BYU and the U!!! Check out some of the ones we’ve made:

Tag Cloud LogoPumpkin LogoShamrock Logo

We’ll feature ALL ENTRIES here and in an album on our FaceBook page. We’ll use our favorites on the FaceBook page whenever we get a chance. We’ll try to use as many entries as possible so everyone gets a chance to be featured, but our favorites will receive a special surprise when their logo is featured! PLEASE NOTE: You will only receive a prize if your submission is made through the form below as that’s the only way we can get your contact information!

A couple of things you need to know:

1) You can submit here or by posting your entry to our FaceBook wall.

2) Nothing obscene please!

3) You must be able to recognize our logo.

4) If the entry comes from a child in care, it MUST be submitted via the form below.

5) If you submit on FaceBook, please include your REGION and your link to foster care (eg: foster parent, adoptive parent, child in care, former child in care, caseworker, Utah Foster Care Foundation employee, child of employee, etc.); PLEASE DO NOT PROVIDE THE NAME OF A CHILD IN CARE ON FACEBOOK!!!

6) EVERYONE who wants to participate is eligible.

7) Once you make your submission, whether it is via the form below, or via FaceBook, your entry becomes the property of Utah Foster Care Foundation. This means that you’re allowing us the right to use your submission at any time and for any reason without further acknowledging you (though, we will!) and without compensating you.

8 ) Not everyone will get a prize.

9) Not everyone will have a chance to be featured individually, but we will put every entry on this blog and in an album on our FaceBook page!

10) There’s NO LIMIT to the number of entries you can make! So get busy!

11) And lastly, please be respectful. This is the Foundation’s logo!

Download the Foundation’s Logo as a pdf

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