Dad giving son a piggy-back ride, out of doors.


Singles make great foster parents!

It’s one of the most common myths we hear from people we talk to about foster parenting.

“You can’t foster a child in Utah unless you’re married, right?”


Utah Foster Care has trained and supported single men and women who have made excellent foster parents. Many of our single parents chose to care for older children. Some, like Nancy Zelenak, say they feel an enormous sense of satisfaction because they have had a profound effect on the lives of teenagers who really need someone willing to guide them through the ins and outs of growing up.

The process to become trained and licensed is exactly the same for single people as it is for married couples. The first step is to fill out our simple form below and one of our foster-adoptive consultants in your area will contact you to answer questions and explain the process. They will set up an initial interview with you, so you can decide if fostering is right for you.

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