Siblings are Forever

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Our brothers and sisters are our first friends — and life-long ones, at that. The Division of Child & Family Services (DCFS) wants to keep siblings together when they come into foster care. But, too often, DCFS is forced to split them up.  As a Utah Foster Care foster-adoptive consultant, I hope we can change that by finding more families willing to foster sibling groups!

Learn more about keeping brothers and sisters together in foster families at our first-ever forum addressing this issue.

Fostering Siblings Forum

Tuesday, October 11th


UFC’s Murray offices, 5296 South Commerce Drive (320 West), Suite 400  

 One foster parent tells us, “We have always taken sibling groups and have loved “almost” every minute of it. Not only does it make it easier on the kids to have their back- up, but the familiarity makes it a lot less scary and so they are less guarded.”

 “Don’t misunderstand, it doesn’t solve all the problems. Bbut it sure stops some in their tracks before they can get started. I highly recommend it if it is possible for you.”

You’ll hear from more Wasatch Front foster parents with experience caring for siblings at the forum. This will be a great opportunity to ask questions about bringing siblings into your home and, hopefully, one step closer to keeping sibling relationships intact. Please RSVP by calling Angelique at 801-994-5205 so we can plan for treats. See you there!

As foster parent Corey Stevens puts it, “Our first placement was a sibling group of 3, what’s one more!?”

Dan Webster

Salt Lake Valley Area Representative,

Utah Foster Care Foundation