Kids in Turmoil

Kids in Turmoil

Editor’s note: May is National Foster Care Month. But for those of us at Utah Foster Care, every day could be titled “Find a Foster Parent Day.”

We continually answer the question, “Who are the kids in foster care?” and “How great is the need for foster parents?” To put it simply, these are children caught up in the storm of turmoil and tragedy. To provide insight on that, we turn to Dan Webster, who is in charge of finding foster families in the Salt Lake area. As Dan puts it, it’s not just about numbers:

Finding good foster parents for Utah children in foster care is my job. For almost nine years, I have been helping find and interview prospective foster parents who will become trained through Utah Foster Care. And it has become more than just a job.

Naively, I used to think Utah was exempt from the issues plaguing our society (i.e., drug abuse, sexual exploitation, homelessness, child neglect, criminal activity) didn’t happen here. Oh, how wrong I was! Those problems are thriving as much here as in any major city in the nation.

In a decade, I’ve never seen the current data trend so far in the direction of a true crisis. But it’s not just about numbers. The circumstances which lead to children being removed are heartbreaking. Children who, through no fault of their own, end up being removed from parents who are unable to safely care for them. Couple that with stories of siblings being separated and the emotional fallout which inevitably results, and you have more heartbreak than anyone would want for a child.

If you live in Utah, and have ever considered becoming a foster parent, maybe now is the time. Far too many people count themselves out too early…make an educated decision if this would be a good fit for your family. Call us today (877) 505-5437 and let’s talk about what you and your family can do to help a child in foster care.

Each May, we take time to honor the Foster Mother of the Year in each region. And, we have a slew of free events, open to the public, aimed at educating people from all walks of life on the myths and realities of foster care. We invite you to find an event on our calendar in your part of our state to find out what you can do to support children and the foster families who care for them.

We are available for online appts. and training for new foster parents. Call or email!
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