Get the Facts

By August 24, 2020General

We know you have lots of questions when you first start learning about the ins and outs of foster parenting. Here are some frequently-asked questions we hear when we talk to prospective foster families.

Q: How long does it take to get licensed to become a foster parent?

A: The average time it takes is 3-5 months. This includes the required classes, completing paperwork and background checks, along with a comprehensive home study with the Office of Licensing.

Q: How do I attend classes during the pandemic?

A:  Utah Foster Care trainers are now teaching all of our foster parenting classes online through Zoom and other platforms.

Q: How do I adopt through foster care?

A: Initially when children enter foster care, the primary goal for children is reunification (going back to their biological family). About 65-75% of the time, children return home.  If there is a child in care who cannot be reunified, the foster family is given the option to adopt the child.  It is important for foster families to be supportive of the reunification process.  Adoption is possible through foster care, but families often experience children being reunified before there is a child who can stay permanently.

Q: I don’t own my own home. Can I still be a foster parent?

A:  Foster parents can be renters or homeowners. As long as you have sufficient space (determined by the Utah Office of Licensing), you can foster.

Q: I want to foster a baby or young child. How soon will a child be placed with me?

Children range in age from 0-18 years and many of them are part of a sibling group where there are both older and younger kids. We need foster families who are willing to keep brothers and sisters together. Our greatest need is to find foster families for older children and teens. There are teenagers who cannot be reunified and need an adoptive family. 

Q: I am single. Can I become a foster parent?

A: Yes. You don’t have to be married to foster.

Q: Can someone from the LGBTQ community become a foster parent?

A:  Yes.

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