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First Lady Makes a Splash

By September 14, 2021September 28th, 2021General

First Lady Abby Cox got “up close and personal” with hundreds of children and their foster parents at Utah Foster Care’s (UFC) annual appreciation event at Cowabunga Bay Water Park in August.

“I am so very thankful that we have someone who makes foster families important again, ” says one foster/adoptive dad.

Since launching her Show Up initiative last spring, the governor’s wife has attended a number of our events, including the annual UFC Chalk Art Festival. Cox’s team also spearheaded the collection and assembly of thank you kits for foster families – with the First Lady herself helping distribute the kits and listening to families talk about what it’s like to be foster parents.

“I think sometimes they (foster families) feel unseen,” Cox told St. George News. “They’re doing really, really important work and lots of times, it’s not acknowledged. And so when they (come) through, I’m telling them thank you by giving them this kit and they’re thanking me, and it’s very emotional because they’re telling their story and they’re feeling seen.”

One foster mom and her family who attended the Cowabunga Bay event say they were touched when the First Lady helped hand out stuffed animals to her delighted children.

“It means a lot, knowing we have your support,” she says. “The night was perfect and each of my kids felt seen.”

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