Donate to Help Kids

By November 4, 2020November 15th, 2020General

We know many of you may be wanting to contribute blankets, bikes, or other gifts so that children in foster care can have a joyous Christmas. And we appreciate your generosity! There are many ways you can give, and this year, we are asking you to consider a monetary donation. We will explain why.

Back in October, foster parents submitted gift requests for the children and teens in foster care who are in their homes. By mid-November, most of those gift requests have been claimed by individuals or groups, who are purchasing specific gifts for specific kids.

What we really need at this point are cash donations to help replenish our Wishing Well fund and other donor-supported special programs for kids in foster care in 2021. We had to cancel our annual fundraiser because of the Covid-19 pandemic, which typically raises thousands of dollars. And we have an easy way to make that donation.

Here are some examples of experiences your donation can make possible in 2021 for Utah children in foster care:

  • $25-$50 can purchase necessary school items needed for distance learning or combined with other donations to purchase a bike.
  • $100 can sponsor a child who will learn a new skill in music, dance, or sports.
  • $150 can give a teen a self-esteem boost by allowing them to purchase their first prom dress or class ring.
  • $300 can send a child on vacation with their foster family; maybe to see the ocean for the first time! 

Finally, there is a need for gift cards for children who are placed in foster care close to Christmas. The cards are used to purchase gifts or given to teens who love being able to go to a store and pick out exactly what they want. The gift cards can also be used throughout the year for other special items the children need. (Preferred gift cards: Target, Amazon or Visa, $25 each).

Amazon SmileSign up for Amazon Smile and choose UFC as your recipient. UFC will benefit from every purchase you make. Even if you have a Prime account, you can log on through and enter our non-profit identification 87-0619181.

Every time you make those everyday purchases, children will benefit!