Dad with a Sweet Tooth

By June 20, 2020General

When it comes to foster parenting, Paul Taylor really “gets it.”

For six years, Paul and his wife Tricia have successfully reunited children in foster care with their biological families. When reunification isn’t possible, they have welcomed children into their family through adoption.

The Bountiful foster dad has been selected as Utah Foster Care’s Foster Dad of the Year for Northern Region, representing hundreds of other outstanding and selfless foster fathers throughout our region.

“Paul is the biggest support to the children’s biological families. He makes the bio family feel like a part of his family. Even after the case is closed, Paul is the first to say yes to the families needs,” says Rod Brown, the Taylors’ Resource Family Consultant (RFC).” All the children placed with (the Taylors) feel he is dad. Paul and Tricia support each other through difficult placements and despite the challenges, never give up.”

“Paul is an amazing dad! He supports his kids in everything they try, even if it’s strange or crazy. He is always encouraging them to try new things. His kids always come first. He even let us get a dog! (Though he really didn’t want to).

A lover of sushi and Ben and Jerry’s pistachio ice cream, wife Tricia says he always encourages his kids to try new things, even if they seem strange or crazy.

“He’s coached little league football, and his most recent thing is baking with the girls,” she says. “He is so good at making them feel like every job they do is important! He would do anything for anyone and can see past the ‘what’ to the ‘why.’ He tries to understand people, which allows him to love them in ways most can’t.”