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Celebrar La Hispanidad Y Latino Community

By September 29, 2023Español

Celebrar la Hispanidad y Latino Community

This month, we celebrate Hispanic/Latino heritage. I am Jessica Rodriguez, a Latina raised in El Salvador. This month brings a lot of Latin flavor to Utah, from the festivals to gatherings with the family. We start off the month celebrating the independence of every Latino country in America. As a family, my family enjoys the culture and dances from our local festivals and events. Enjoying food from every country is one of our passions. Then November brings the day of the dead, and my family and I eat tamales!

Cultural Night - Utah Foster Care

We celebrate Hispanic and Latino communities that have influenced and contributed to American society. We celebrate anyone who wants to participate of good and authentic food, music, art, and traditions rooted in Hispanic or Latino countries.

In Utah, 1 out of 4 children in foster care are Latinx/ Hispanic. We’d like to invite the community to participate in embracing our children’s roots. We know that our children in foster care thrive when their foster homes keep them connected to their beginnings.

Jessica Rodriguez
Spanish Services Consultant
(801) 783-5508

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