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Love Utah Foster Care — GIVE!

By March 11, 2013July 18th, 2017Donor-focused, General

Julie DeLong
Development Coordinator
Utah Foster Care

Utah Foster Care’s Wishing Well Fund provides financial support so that the “wishes” of children in foster care can come true.  Here is a true story about the Utah Foster Care Wishing Well Fund.

Jordan was 16, new into foster care, in a new school in the middle of the semester. Working hard to get good grades, he pursued his interest in music; his motivation soared when he found his natural talent. He secured a spot on his high school’s chorus team with an exciting trip to Washington planned later in the year.

Jordan had missed all of the fundraising opportunities for the $650 per student trip because of the school transfer. His foster mom wished she could have paid for him to go, but it was impossible to afford it. What a huge relief it was for her to hear about Utah Foster Care’s Wishing Well Fund. The ‘wish’ funds (in this case, $300 toward the trip) were sent directly to the school so Jordan could go on the trip.

Build their confidence, give them a skill, help them make a friend, and feel normal. Normal. That’s the goal. For 7 years, your gifts have made wishes come true but there are always more requests than dollars available. The average wish costs $190. Your gift will make the seemingly impossible happen.

Give to Utah’s children in foster care today at

This year, Utah Foster Care is partnering with the Community Foundation of Utah thru their annual “Love Utah Give Utah” initiative — bringing donors and causes together on March 22nd for a day of action. Won’t you please join us on this special day?

Love Utah Give Utah