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Letter to the Editor



Support workers who help children

Some jobs are difficult and gut wrenching. The hours are long, thankless and stressful. The pay stinks, case loads are high and at times dangerous. Sounds like law enforcement? Instead, think child welfare.

Imagine being a child welfare worker in Utah where budget cuts have killed any hope for relief. With bureaucracy and red tape, it’s hard to be a true social worker, but that is what is expected. Try doing this job while hearing all the ugly things people say about you and your agency, things you cannot defend or justify due to confidentiality. You’re thinking “dream job,” huh? Well, hundreds do it throughout the state every day.

The Washington County Quality Improvement Committee wants to say thank you in honor of March’s Social Worker Month. Thanks for showing up every day and helping children and families in our community. If you support what these people do, join us the first Monday of every month from noon to 1:30 p.m. at DCFS, 377 E. Riverside Drive, to support workers and DCFS. The QIC is a neutral community partner of DCFS offering oversight and suggestions on child welfare practice.

We need diverse and concerned citizens to be part of this system of support and guidance. Call 656-8065 to help.

Diane Callister

St. George