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By June 15, 2022June 19th, 2022General

JOYMOB Events is bringing an exciting surprise to this year’s Chalk Art Festival! We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but to witness the joy they will bring to the festival, join us by the Gateway fountains at 5:45 pm. JOYMOB works to create unique interactive experiences that bring people together in fun and engaging ways including Flash Mobs, Street Karaoke, Eye Contact events, Love Letters, Laughter Yoga classes, team building activities and more. Their goal is to foster a world filled with Joy, Belonging and Human Connection.

Thank you JOYMOB Events for helping to raise awareness for foster care. The Chalk Art Festival is a labor of love, all for foster care awareness. There is a need for more licensed foster families in the state of Utah to be trained and available to help vulnerable children heal from trauma they’ve experienced prior to coming into foster care.

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Pillars of JOYMOB Events

Joy, Belonging and Human Connection

“Social entrepreneur, Bahaa Chmait, founded JOYMOB events (previously called Culture Collective Events) in 2018 with a goal to see if he could unite the city through dance. Since then we’ve flashmob’d everything from festivals to farmers markets.

Whether we’re hosting community events or corporate workshops, the promotion of positive mental health through play is a core element of everything we do.

Today, there is a rising number people around the world who report feeling lonely or disconnected. This epidemic affects both physical & mental health and as tribal animals, we need to feel connected to others.”

Questions about foster parenting in Utah?

We have a team of people near you who can answer them!