Hanging with Foster Parents

Hanging with Foster Parents

As a foster parent in Utah County, I love the support my wife and I receive from other foster families, and from the community.  We see the difference we make, one child at a time, and we love the support we get from those around us!

Here are my top reasons why I love hanging out with other foster parents:

1 – They take you how you are – You don’t have to pretend, you don’t have to be perfect. The way you are is just fine.

2 – They support you – You need help? Your community is there for you.

3 – Diversity is real – White mom, brown baby? Not a problem! Age gap? Who cares!

4 – They don’t wait to be asked to fix a problem.  They see a problem and deal with it.

5 – They are non-conformists!  Nothing says different more than spontaneous children.

6 – They understand trials, trauma, and mental health, for EVERYONE!  We all have challenges, and foster parents get it.  For the children, and for each other.

7 – Everyone knows you can’t do it all. Do what you can and be proud of it.  There is always someone who does more, or less.  We just do what we can.

8 – They have enough love for one more!  Foster parents can give love to another child, without question.

9 – They will accept love from one more!  Nothing beats getting love from a child who has been through a LOT!  Foster parents don’t just give love, they GET love too.

10 – They do the impossible.  We’ve had nine children in a year.  We see amazing progress, and lots of love!

11 – They always put the children first. No questions. No second thoughts. 

Buddy Pohl and his wife live in Provo with their three biological children, as well as children in foster care. If you’d like to hear more about the support you’ll receive as a foster parent, contact us at info@utahfostercare.org or (877) 505-5437.

We are available for online appts. and training for new foster parents. Call or email!
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