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Fresh Wolf Event Brings Awareness to Foster Care

By October 29, 2021October 31st, 2021General

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City‘s Lisa Barlow is highlighting the impactful partnership between Utah Foster Care and Fresh Wolf, her children’s luxury line of grooming products. Thanks to the Barlow family, kids in foster care have received donations of body wash, hand sanitizer and hair care products. And just as important, the Barlows have helped spread the word of the need for donations for UFC’s special programs and the need for more foster parents across the state.

Fresh Wolf hosted a fabulous event, generously filmed by Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, raising awareness for Utah Foster Care and the importance of showing up for your local foster care agencies nation wide. UFC Board Chair Rob Gerlach shared how adopting children from foster care and the support of Utah Foster Care and the community has changed his life. “It’s an intricate partnership with our community, and what you’re doing here tonight is exactly what helps us help our families lead all those hidden heroes_ along their journeys, so that one day their stories can be told.” Rob said.

Jack Barlow spoke about how his dad John’s childhood experience in foster care inspired their give back initiative. He shared his stories of friends feeling safe to open up about the hardships they’ve been dealt because of abuse and neglect. Jack’s voice makes teens in care feel seen and like they have a friend who believes in them.

Supporters also included Cameron Williams, who directed diversity efforts at Domo and served as Chair of the Utah County Black Chamber of Commerce. Williams had been planning to bring his expertise and Silicon Slopes connection to UFC’s Board before his life was tragically cut short by cancer. At Williams’ celebration of life, Domo Founder/CEO Josh James said Cameron has passed the torch to all of us to make a difference in our community.

The evening left friends and supporters of Utah Foster Care inspired to be part of the village to support Utah’s children in foster care. In this excerpt from the Draper Journal, Lisa explained her family’s enthusiasm for helping the foster care community in Utah.

“Why work if you’re not going to be giving back?” asked Draper entrepreneur Lisa Barlow. “That’s the whole driving point behind creating so much is so that we have the resources to be able to give back to others.”

“My husband had a short stint in foster care. We’re constantly aware of kids that have displaced families. It doesn’t take much to make someone feel important.”

She encourages her children to reach out to others who need acknowledgement. Jack Barlow, Lisa’s oldest, has made it his mission to make sure all teens know they can “run with the pack”.

Consider adding your support to foster hope for Utah children.

More options for giving HERE.

Interested in becoming a Utah foster parent?