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Athletes Foster Dinner Traditions

By June 9, 2022General

Local sponsors and college athletes foster dinner traditions by providing Utah’s foster families with another Sunday Supper! This tradition began when Utah Lineman Alumni, Nick Ford decided to give the gift of a meal to local foster parents and the children in their care.

“I love cooking - so I just took the opportunity to go out and cook, and get some good people some good food.”

Nick Ford, Ute Offensive Lineman

Sponsored by Entrata, Athletes Strong, Cultivate Craft Kitchen,  Nicholas and Company, and Block Party U, Utah football players cook up Sunday dinner and provide togetherness and connection for families.

Sunday Supper’s committed sponsors and athletes have made it possible to grow Sunday Supper into an ongoing tradition creating lasting memories. It’s powerful to witness the connection and relationships that come from gathering around the dinner table. Thank you to Entrata for generously welcoming local foster families and athletes into their beautiful facility.

More than 2100 children across the state of Utah are in foster care because of abuse and neglect – and the need for new foster parents is ongoing. Your support helps to continue the Sunday Supper mission  and allows athletes the resources to serve Utah’s foster families.

Entrata Welcomes Foster Families For Sunday Supper - Utah Foster Care

“I know for our foster families, they do the heavy lifting. Every day, every night, they are working with kids who have experienced a lot of trauma. And for them to see the community is reaching out and supporting them, feels real good.”

Nikki MacKay, Utah Foster Care

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