Am I Ready?

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Kobi Prettyman lives with her two children and husband in Price. The children were adopted through foster care – Kobi also works as Utah Foster Care’s foster-adoptive consultant for Eastern Region.

Each of us has our own reasons for wanting to be a foster parent.  It may be because you simply want to help children, you knew a child in foster care or a foster family, or you are interested in expanding your family.  Although everyone’s motivation may be different, most families wonder if it is the right time to do this. 

The truth is that most bio parents are not usually ready to be parents.  If all parents had everything in perfect order in their lives before having a child, they may never have one. We learn and grow along with our children. We gain skills and knowledge as we experience different situations with each child.  Some may say, being a foster parent is different.  In some ways that is true, but in many ways, it is not.  Children in foster care need the same things that all children need.  Consider what you currently have in your life that could benefit children who have experienced trauma could benefit from.

Do you have a desire to help and nurture children?  Do you have a schedule and routine in your home?  Do you understand that each child is different and may come from a different background?  These things seem quite simple and they are, but they in fact provide the stable, nurturing environment a child in foster care needs.   

You may think you do not know how you could possibly add additional children to your already busy schedule. To this, I would say that we all rise to the occasion.  Somehow, moms and dads figure out how to make it work. When a parent wants what is best for their children, we make it happen. The difference with foster parenting is that there is help to make things happen. Other people will be involved in the children’s lives to help make decisions and support you during the process.

I adopted my daughter from foster care. Six months later, I got a call about fostering another child. I found myself saying to another foster mother, “I don’t think she is ready to have a sibling.”

She responded, “She is not going to get any more ready.”

If I had not taken her advice, I would not have my son today. You may not have everything ready. You may not know how you will do it, but the children don’t know that.

Utah Foster Care has a whole team that focuses on nothing else but supporting families. We hold regular foster family support meetings in both rural and urban communities. We organize special appreciation events and holiday gift drives just for our foster families. There is a whole community to support you. Give us a call or email, even if you’re not sure you are ready to foster. We can help provide some answers, so you have all the information necessary to make your decision.

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