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What is there to learn about foster care? A lot!

The faces change, but there are some enduring truths about the children and families who belong to Utah Foster Care’s village. Children enter foster care around our state every year, due to a complex mix of factors that may include the parent’s use of drugs, family financial hardship, mental health disorders, or domestic violence.

In the next year, Utah Foster Care will have to find more than 500 families who will take on the role of foster parent. We will help them learn new ways of caring for children, so that all can emerge from foster care with resilience and strength. And we will find ways to support these families who need to be reminded to take care of themselves, as they sacrifice to take on the challenge of caring for children who have experienced trauma.

Whether it’s celebrating families who go above and beyond, or delving deeper into your own resources of time and talent, there is something everyone can do to honor Utah’s foster families.

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