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Gift of Connection - Utah Foster Care

Children often come into a foster home feeling out of place and lonely. Creating new memories as a family can help children begin to feel safe and heal from trauma they’ve experienced. Studies show that connection fosters healing. Give the gift of connection to children and families impacted by foster care.

“The more healthy relationships a child has, the more likely he will be to recover from trauma and thrive.”   – Dr. Bruce D. Perry


Donations that help children in foster care begin creating healthy & healing connections.


Creating new memories as a family or with friends can help children begin to feel safe and heal from trauma.


All over Utah!
We have offices around the state and are headquartered in Murray, UT.


Donate gift cards or connection kits,
host a connection drive,
or donate online.

Foster Facts

Division of Child and Family Services – Fiscal Year 2021

In Utah…

  • 2100+ children are currently in foster care.
  • Parental Substance Use Disorder is a factor majority of the time.
  • There are a growing number of LGBTQ+ youth entering care.

Utah Children in Foster Care…

  • Most are in foster care for about thirteen months.
  • More than two-thirds return to live with their parents or a relative.
  • Teens make up nearly half of children in care.
  • Seven out of ten have siblings.
  • One in four are Latino.

Ways to give the Gift of Connection

All teens deserve to shop for something they love or enjoy fast food with friends. Gift cards can be used throughout the year for items that children in foster care may need.

Preferred Gift Cards
Target, Amazon, Visa, Chick-Fil-A or McDonalds $25+ each

Family friendly kit that helps a child in foster care begin creating healthy & healing family connections.

  • Family tradition, game night, movie night, baking set, experience, etc.
  • Assembled & ready to be enjoyed by children in foster care and the families caring for them.
  • Items need to be visible. A sturdy bag or clear wrap around basket is ok. Please no gift wrap.

Host a drive with friends, family, or an organization by collecting items that foster family connection.

  • Family friendly games or activities
  • Gift cards to restaurants or stores (Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc)
  • Memberships or tickets to a museum, aquarium, fun center, theatre, amusement park, etc.

Spread the Word

The more connections and support youth in foster care have, the more likely they are to heal and thrive.
Help us Give the Gift of Connection by spreading the word. Make sure to tag us @UtahFosterCare!

“Our connection kit helps us create memories, and build trust and confidence. Family game night is often a new concept to kids coming to our home. It’s powerful to witness them learn how to relax, play, laugh and cooperate while building loving connections .”

– Amy, Utah Foster Mom

Give The Gift Of Connection By Becoming A Foster Parent

Utah needs more safe and loving homes for kids in foster care. Consider sharing your heart and home.