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Our mission is to serve Utah’s children by finding, educating, and nurturing families to meet the needs of children in foster care. It’s comprised of goals (find families, meet needs), practices (educate and nurture families), a shared attitude (serve children and families), and values (nurture families to meet needs of children).

Corporate culture is the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization. — Merriam-Webster

Organizations are most successful when they internalize their mission. In order to internalize our mission, we’ve embraced the philosophy advanced by The Arbinger Institute and found in the books “Leadership & Self-deception” and “The Anatomy of Peace”. The purpose for embracing this particular philosophy is to sharpen vision, reduce conflict, enliven a desire for teamwork, redouble accountability, and magnify our capacity to achieve results.

In addition to culture, we have a raft of tools to help you as we work towards achieving our mission. Most of these tools are found below.


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  • W-4 (PDF) Updated 2016
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Utah Foster Care (UFC) employees with a minimum of 30 staffed hours per week are considered full-time and will become eligible to participate in UFC’s insurance program after 30 days of continuous employment. Full-time employees are eligible for Health, Dental, Vision, Life, Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability insurances, plus the Flexible Spending Account.


Utah Foster Care (UFC) provides a retirement plan for eligible employees. All employees are eligible to participate after six months of employment. All participants are 100% vested when they become eligible to participate.

UFC retirement plan is a 401k safe-harbor plan. UFC will place the equivalent of 9% of the employee’s salary in a personal account. Each employee may withhold additional funds to be added to his/her retirement plan up to the current amount allowable by Federal Law ($18,000 max deferral additional $6,000 for staff aged 50 or over).

UFC also offers a Roth 401k plan. Contributions to a Roth plan are taken out of the employee’s income after taxes. After a five year participation period this money will not be subject to federal income taxes upon distribution at retirement. Contributions from UFC are placed only in the employee’s traditional 401k account.





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Wellness is an approach to healthy living that compliments how the principles taught in Leadership & Self-Deception helps in our emotional life. Together, they encourage us to balance all aspects of our way of being. Are we betraying ourselves when we make less than healthy choices? Getting up early to exercise or sleep in? A pastry or a piece of fruit… we need to remember to see ourselves as people and act accordingly.



Need marketing materials to support an event or other project? Use our collateral and calendar request form.

We are currently updating our library of ready-to-print, downloadable posters and fliers. They’ll be listed below.

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